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My Quick Startup is a results-driven web design and Internet marketing company located in Brooklyn, NY that works closely with you to expand your presence on the Internet. We treat your business like our business, and make it our number one priority to create lasting attention to your product or service.
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Web Design Proposal Template - My Quick Startup

Web Design Proposal

Who We Are

My Quick Startup is a results-driven web design and online marketing company that works closely with you to expand your presence on the Internet. We treat your business like our business, and make it our number one priority to create lasting attention to your product or service. Our main goal for you is online success, whether you’re an already established business or a new start up.

My Quick Startup is a small business located in the Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn, New York. We officially launched in December of 2012.

Why Choose Us

● You will receive more attention and care from us. We develop personal relationships with our clients and we make sure they are happy at all times. We guarantee results.

● You will experience a quick response time – just email or call us directly. No support tickets. No waiting on hold for an hour.

● We are HONEST every step of the way. We won’t use website or programming jargon to try to confuse you and keep you out of the loop. We also won’t exaggerate the time needed to perform any maintenance or overcharge you for anything.

Features Included

✓ Website Design Includes 3 revisions. Revisions include changes pertaining to color, placement, size, formation, setup, and content.

✓ Wordpress Integration The website will be built on the Wordpress platform. Wordpress is a content management system that will allow you to update the website very easily and conveniently. You will be able to log in to the site, set users, add/edit/delete new pages & posts & pictures & videos, manage feedback and comments submitted by site visitors, and many more features. Wordpress is also very good for search engine optimization.

✓ Mobile / Tablet Version The site will be responsive to every single device it is viewed on. It will be compatible with mobile phones, tablets, desktops, laptops of all sizes.

✓ Google Analytics & Google Webmaster Tools You will be able to view traffic reports for your site on a daily basis. You will see how many visitors viewed your site, where they are located, how they found your website, what pages they frequented, how long they stayed, what keywords they typed in search engines to find your site, + much more.

✓ Social Media Integration The website will automatically connect to your social media pages. Every time a new post is added to the website, a notification will be automatically posted on these pages. Clickable buttons for these pages will added to the website as well.

The Process

1) Design Phase (1.5 Weeks)

We will draft an initial design and send it to you. You can then give us feedback and we will make any revisions to the design that you require. We will also discuss color scheme, logo, placement, and content availability and requirement.

2) Development Phase (1.5 Weeks)

The first draft of the website will be delivered 1.5 weeks after completion of the design phase.

3) Revision Phase (1-2 Weeks)

Up to 3 revisions can be submitted via a revision form that will be emailed to you. An optional phone call consultation can be scheduled for each revision to go over every point in the form. Allow 2-3 days for the completion of each revision form. After 2 weeks, any additional revisions are considered maintenance and will be charged accordingly.

Info on Revisions

This proposal contains a total of 3 revisions which can be submitted after the first draft of the website is delivered. A single “revision” can be a bulleted or numbered list that is sent either directly in an email or in a Microsoft Word document attached to an email (preferred). The list can be as long as you like. It’s best to organize the revisions by website page and if there is a part that may be hard to explain, it is best to include screenshots.

The following are examples of revisions:

● Rearrangement of already existing elements on the website.

● Adding / editing / replacing text or photography.

● Editing an image in terms of resizing, reshaping, or adding simple effects. Advanced graphic design is not included.

● Any other generally quick and simple fixes.

The following are not revisions and are considered extra maintenance billed.*

You will be notified if a revision you give is included in this list before doing the work.

● Additional pages or posts not included in this proposal.

● Advanced programming and functionality not included in this proposal.

● Any additional stock photography.

● A request to completely revamp the design after the design is approved in the design phase.


$2,500– Total

60% Due At Start of Project = $1,500

40% balance due after website delivery = $1,000

(Delivery includes transferring the final version to your domain)

Optional Add-Ons

E-Commerce: Be able to sell any products to anyone who visits your website. This functionality allows for people to pay you through the website using their credit card or alternate forms of payment. Their billing and shipping information will be entered and shipping costs automatically calculated based on their location and what they order. Functionality includes automated emails, option to promote sales & coupons, view sales reports, add/edit/delete products over time, and more. $1,500

Multilingual Functionality: We will include 4 icons on the top right of all pages of the website. They will serve as indications to translate the website into English (default), Spanish, Chinese, and French. We will hire professional translators to translate all of the text on the website when we are finished with the design & development. $750

Professional Photography & Videography: We will hire a professional photography & videography local company. They will spend some time taking professional photos & videos to add as content on the website. $1,200

Website Optimization for Search Engines: Your website will be properly optimized according to Google’s standards. We will optimize all the back end code and meta-data and have your website fully prepared for search engine indexing. Methods include optimizing the site’s title, tags, meta description, alt tags, sitemap, robots.txt file,, and much more. If you decide to enroll in one of our monthly SEO campaigns, this will be free. $1,500

Website Management & Maintenance: Includes new content added over time in the form of posts, announcements, images, video, calendar updates, and more. Our job is to facilitate the updates to the website we are given in a timely fashion. We make sure the entire website is functional, reachable, and responsive to all users on all devices at all times. We fix any bugs, errors, and speed issues experienced as well as maintain a high level security system to prevent any hacking or attacks. Finally, the website is backed up at reasonable intervals to revert to in case of any major problems. Per Month: $250 - 4 Hours, $350 - 6 Hours, or $450 - 8 Hours.

Maintenance (Optional)

Any additional programming, pages, or functionality required that is not included in this proposal will cost $75 / hour.

Please fill out the form below & check the box if you agree to all of the terms listed above. If you would like to request any revisions or have any feedback please contact us directly.

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