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My Quick Startup is a results-driven web design and Internet marketing company located in Brooklyn, NY that works closely with you to expand your presence on the Internet. We treat your business like our business, and make it our number one priority to create lasting attention to your product or service.
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1622 Bay Ridge Avenue,
NY 11204
United States.
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Website Design Questionnaire - My Quick Startup

Website Design Questionnaire

This survey will help us better understand the type of website design you are looking for. The collaboration and correspondence between each of our web design clients is very different. Some clients are comfortable with being hands off and leave the entire design in our hands using our web design insight and expertise whereas other clients like to be very involved and know exactly what they want. We are fine with either type of client. Our goal is to satisfy you and build you a beautiful website that you can be proud of.

If you are unsure of any of these questions or if you want us to decide, then feel free to leave the answer blank.

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What is the name of your website or business?*

Please give a description of what you are expecting from this website. What are your goals?*

Are there any websites that you like? Please let us know what you like about them.

Are there any websites you dislike? Please let us know what you dislike about them.

Are there any colors you’d prefer us to use?

Do you have a logo? If so, please upload it here.

Are there any other details you think we might have missed? Let us know.

Website Style

Classic VS Modern

Feminine VS Masculine

Mature VS Youthful

Playful VS Sophisticated

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